Thursday, June 18, 2009

Love Volume I

There have been no words dedicated to you
No poem to tell you how I feel
No volumes explaining this journey
No verse to make this magic real

It has taken me 10 weeks of thinking
And feeling guilty at not working my craft
All it took was a few minutes before dawn
And at the simplicity I just laughed

Saved up deep in my heart
Was this wish I couldn’t speak
Although mothering’s apparent
The force of it had made me weak

Years have passed where I have questioned
Whether I’d ever see this day
To stand before a mirror
And see things look a different way

But here I am after all this time
Feeling a flutter as I laid still
Amazed and humbled by the thought
That all that matters is God’s will

You were made in perfect calm
With assurances of love and dedication
Without the stresses of daily life
We ended up with a perfect creation

I’m overwhelmed with feelings of joy
As God looked down and smiled
At the moment that my life forever changed
When I finally felt my child

© 2009