Thursday, October 22, 2009

He Is...

…the mouth I long to kiss
…the partner I sometimes miss
…the comforter at night
…the one for whom I’ll fight
…the giver of affection
…the man with no deception
…the prince that brings me peace
…the joker that puts me at ease
…the lover that makes me cry
…the person that’ll always try
…the boogey man slayer
…the answer to my prayer
…the surprise that makes my day
…the friend that knows the way
…the man to overshadow all others
…the thing I wished for if I had my druthers
…the one that’s meant to be
…the happily ever after for me

© 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I do not hear from others what it is that they say
About the swell of my breasts or my hips
I really don’t care what they think in their heads
Or what words come from their lips

All I know is how I feel
Beautiful, stunning, loving and true
Whenever I look in the mirror
Now that my body is filled with you

I feel as if my body has found
Its purpose for walking this earth
To create another life within
And experience the beauty of birth

I do not need anyone to tell me
How big my belly’s become
Or how pretty I may look
After the changes have begun

It is a sweet secret I keep to myself
And it does not matter what others think
Because motherhood is a personal matter
And no one else is involved in this link.

© 2009