Friday, September 10, 2010

What Cancer Cannot Do...

Cancer is so limited...
It cannot cripple love.
It cannot shatter hope.
It cannot corrode faith.
It cannot eat away peace.
It cannot destroy confidence.
It cannot kill friendship.
It cannot shut out memories.
It cannot silence courage.
It cannot reduce eternal life.
It cannot quench the Spirit.
- Unknown

My mother was diagnosed with bile duct cancer on April 6, 2010. I think this is the first time I've written about it here. There are so many thoughts and feelings with the diagnosis and the subsequent flurry of activity that takes place. I signed up for my Relay for Life event today and I realized that 1. I don't blog enough and 2. I need to talk about this.

I am not sure what to say right now. I am heartbroken after hearing someone that I've been praying for has passed and it seems as if every day I am hearing about someone who is diagnosed. I have little words. But I hold fast to the poem above and pray that we soon find a cure.

Here's our Relay for Life page: