Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Is Who I Am Vol II

Not sure if I'm the woman that you make me out to be. There are lots of parts and pieces that make the whole of me. You can very well say that I am many women in one frame. And to not know them all would surely be a shame.

There's the conservative one that can have dinner with your folks. The outgoing social girl that can laugh at all the jokes. The more serious woman that worries about our future. The practical adult that cleans the wound and adds the suture. The insatiable vixen that enjoys a lot of play. The shameless little hottie that delights all night and day. The clearheaded and responsible, the fiscally observant. The naughty one that's waiting to play your loyal servant. The beautiful woman that commands attention in a room. The giggly little girl that allowed this love to bloom. The self confident and assertive lady that initially caught your eye. The scarred and timid person unsure of trust, who doesn't lie. The protector that will fight for all that she deems hers. Who will bring down her wrath, her curses and the slurs. The faithful one that worships and trusts in God's good word. The lover of technology, the proud and rightful nerd. The warrior in the midst ready to do battle and provide. The general on the frontline who will never leave your side. The dreamer and the doer who's aware of the job description. That will weave this love we have into a soluble prescription. The writer and the poet who sometimes just can't say, the way you make her feel or the troubles that are in her way.

All these things are part of me and more that have not been said. This Is Who I Am. Are you ready for what you've read?

© 2008

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