Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Is Who I Am

This is who I am and only God knows
The currents with which my full life flows

Strong beyond belief
Full of beauty and full grief

With love beyond compare
Unwilling at times to share

Different than what you've had
Not always good, not always bad

Hair dyed and curls in place
Not a wrinkle on this yellow face

A little white, a little black
And I always got your back

Wild with passion, a fury to contend
Will never lie and won't pretend

Can't fake what I don't got
This realness is worth a shot

Can overlook another's faults
Expect the same, don't like assaults

Shy and quiet when thoughts weigh me down
Thoughtful at times does not mean a frown

In love with the truth, will walk on a lie
Omission or permission that shit just won't fly

This topic is well worth repeating
I will not stand for a man cheating

And that is more than a physical affair
Greedy with emotion, time and your care

I'm different, unique, salty and sweet
Polished enough for your parents to meet

I'm hungry, relentless behind the closed door
Will take it in bed, the kitchen or floor

Imperfect in every sense of that connotation
Perfect only in my sin and your adoration

Perhaps not what you thought you'd want
But it makes sense though I sometimes can't

This is who I am, simple and true
The question is this, am I the one for you?

© 2008

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