Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Is Who I Am Vol IV

I want to hide my heart til it’s decided where exactly it will land
I want to hide my feelings far away from the grasping of your hand

I want to hide the passing time and the crevice that slowly forms
I want to shield you from the people that attempt to give you norms

I want to hide my voice so that there is no more to tell
I want to cover up my ears so that I don’t hear my yell

I want to hide from the voice I hear that sounds completely sane
As if everything’s alright when nothing really feels the same

I want to hide the need to care for someone that I love so much
I want to numb myself to the cravings that my skin feels for your touch

I want to make myself invisible to the eyes that I can’t see
I want to hide from the stares that impede you from seeing me

I want to hide the laughter that has suddenly been lost
I want to not remember what I got for such a cost

I want to hide the tears that gather in the realms of slow despair
I want to drown myself in sorrow just in case there’s no repair

I want to bury my emotions and go about along the way
I want to not want to hide, to feel the warmth of a new day

I want to hide the thoughts that creep in the silence of the night
I want to brush away your doubts and what seems to cause you fright

I want to smother the hidden feelings and hide behind the wall
Create some safety, illusion, daydream while preparing for the fall

And at the same time that I'm hiding I feel the need to give a damn
To stand tall as a reminder that This Is Who I Am.

© 2009

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