Friday, July 10, 2009

Girl Child

Loved you since the day you were created
Though at that time you were only a wish in my heart
Still can’t grasp that you are being weaved inside
And that in a few short months you and I will be apart

Girl child, the flesh and bone of my dreams
God’s very own image being nurtured from within
Girl child, beautiful and simple and sweet
How is it that you haven’t always been?

Melodic rhythm of my heart keeps you growing
You feed off of my soul and feast off of my inspiration
Twisting and turning as you reach your completion
And join the rest of God’s creation

Girl child, soft and smelling of my very own hope
Produced by nothing but love and grace
You are the miracle of my existence
I see the dreams from within on your face

Girl child, this bond of ours is like nothing I’ve known
Though I too am a daughter close to my mother
This somehow feels different to me
More precious than what I’ve felt for another

Love transformed in an instant
What you bring to this life is a force
It’s you and us against the world
While God steers us on this course

© 2009

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