Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This Is Who I am Vol V

I am changing
Still me but a different side
The same flesh and bone
But now with a different guide

I do not know how to explain
The quiet that I find solace in
The constant thoughts in my head
The reminiscing of where I’ve been

I am still getting acquainted
Find it hard to say what you want to hear
The waves of silence take over
Though all I want is to feel you near

I do not know where to go
What words will put you at ease
What actions I can take
For you to find what you please

This is who I am
Up and down
Happy and sad
Curious, suspicious
Loving and mad

Worried, concerned
Teary and frustrated
Wanting to be loved
Slowly recreated

Thoughtful, insightful
Incoherent and meek
Trying to find answers
Which you also seek

Grief stricken at losses
So long ago felt
Prayerful and hopeful
With the cards I was dealt

And trying to repair
What hasn’t been broken
Though it isn’t fair

Elated with blessings
Expectant of more
Wanting to connect
With what I do adore

Stressed and mindful
Of life’s daily tasks
Wishing for a break
Which this time now lacks

Filled with new wonder
Melancholy with fears
A witness to miracles
And well-deserved tears

I am all these things
Bottled up in one place
You’ll see it’s the truth
If you just look in my face

 2009

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