Tuesday, January 20, 2009

As I Watch

As I watch, I am in awe
As I watch, I am inspired
As I watch, I cannot believe
How succinctly life’s conspired

Words cannot describe this feeling
I do not know what I can say
To capture this moment in time
For my children to read one day

The anticipation growing in my heart
Feels as if it’s more than I can bear
History in the making, hope and pride
Acknowledgement that life is fair

And it is not about the color
Religion, race or creed
It’s about an assurance of better
And working for what we need

It is about my children having a world
Where anything is possible if they try
Though there are struggles left to conquer
These same rivers they will not cry

It is about uniting a country
That for so long has seemed so lost
Though we still have bridges to cross
It will be at a lesser cost

As I watch, I am in tears
As I watch, I surely pray
As I watch, God watches also
As He’s prepared us for this day.

© 2009

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