Sunday, December 21, 2008

Magic Out of Words

Communication is a beautiful thing but I am so intrigued by how much miscommunication takes place when we try to communicate. At times I wish I could wave a magic wand. Not only so that I could be better understood but so that others could understand me as well. And I wonder if my unfulfilled relationships (friends, family, men, etc) throughout my life possibly fell apart because of a word misspoken or a thought left unsaid? How many people walk through life without a clue as to how their words affect others? I know I speak with many people that have shared their experiences and it really makes me wonder and appreciate the power of words.

And thus the title of this poem came to me: Magic out of words. Because I truly wish I could make magic with them. I think that title may have more volumes to it so, stay tuned...


I want to make magic out of words
So that my feelings are understood
Nothing left but thoughts and suppositions
I’d make it all clear if I only could

I’d talk about the hurt in my heart
That creeps back in when you walk out
As if you’ve left the door open on your way
And it remains in your place to roam about

Words that could describe
The feeling of love that you bring
The passion of your touch
The joy that makes me sing

Magic out of words to account for
The scars that have been left behind
And the ones you hide so well
That make you feel restricted and confined

I want to make magic sweet and true
So that we can get on with our lives
Live the reason we were brought together
And not the doubt that swiftly deprives

Clear up the excuses about being too close too fast
All the while letting another see our heart
Innocent acts cloaked clumsily along the way
That in unseen ways slowly drive us apart

Magic to explain how all of the actions
Roll into how we act and react every day
Words to show how others mold us
Shape, restrain and harden us like fire to clay

I would paint a picture with my words
A magic portrait that would open your eyes
And illustrate the interpretation of your silence
And give definition to your disguise

We all wear masks in this short life
And each one has a different meaning
My words would magically interpret them
Give me a true picture of how you’re leaning

The painting would be color in the middle
Black and white along the edge of time
Showing the harshness of coexistence
The worthwhile moments colored sublime

The magic that I’d make would let me know
If that feeling ever comes back to your mind
If bliss is really what guides your actions
If those thoughts are finally left behind

Because I am still afraid
That love is causing you to drown
And instead of your soul flying high
It makes you feel like you’re locked down

I want to make magic out of words
That would translate the harshness I hear
Create a new vocabulary for feelings
That would bring faith instead of fear

A magic that can describe this thing
That you cannot explain to others
Some new word that can depict it
I’d make magic out of words if I had my druthers

For the kisses so expected and missed
For the hugs so intense and freely given
For the arguments and miscommunication
For the adored and the forgiven

For the stories told in the quiet of the night
For the masking of hurt in your eyes
For the pure ecstasy that we experience
For the pain we feel to gain the prize

I want to make magic out of words
To explain the feelings with no connotation
To stop life’s misunderstandings
And cut down on the frustration

I would make a type of magic
That can be folded up and curled
To remind you that at the end of the day
It is us against the world

© 2008

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