Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Believer's Prayer

Never a dull moment in life. Blessings received along with the strife. Cannot complain about what to do or what to say. Always find myself down the right way. Being led by something higher than my own, God always holds my hand even when I think I'm grown. Ask for prayers and prayers are received. Even when I stumble, in my heart I have believed.

Prayed for a specific, for a secret deep in my heart. Delivered with a flourish in whole and not in part. Adversities come to mind, sorrows and regrets. But one look at my God and all this I soon forget. Turning to Him now to get me through the path He's placed. Have faith He'll keep His promise and light the road to the dreams I've chased. Though my heart still fills with fears when something starts to go wrong, my God reminds me quietly He'll keep his promise while I keep strong.

© 2008

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