Friday, February 13, 2009


In the midst of the night I am loved
Wholly, fully, truthfully and sure
In the breaking of dawn I find happiness
With words of truth that will endure

In the waking of the sun I see your face
Dark and lovely full of all that I seek
In the moisture of the dew I see our future
And the promise of that image makes me weak

In the rising of the heat I see the passion
That’s been there like magnets from the day we met
The way we go together, the way we fit
The connection we make, hard to forget

In the cooling of the shade I see your tenderness
And your willingness and need to care for me
In the quiet of afternoon my guard is down
Naked is my soul for you to see

In the time before the sunset my heart feels fear
Remembering the heartache it’s lived to tell
With eyes closed and perspiration
I quench the need to run and yell

In the minutes of beauty watching the sky
Your arms wrap around me and ease my fear
No need to run no need to hide
Your kiss reminds me you’re always here

In the enveloping darkness I think once more
Of the passing day and the ways I’m adored
Without realizing what you’ve accomplished
The love and the trust you have restored

The midst, the dawn, the sun, the heat
The cool, the setting, the shade, the beat

The beauty, the darkness, the fear, the trust
The passion, the happiness, the heartache, the lust

I am loved, blessed and treasured
And that wealth cannot be measured.

© 2009

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