Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Untitled Thoughts

It is not that I lack understanding, rather, I understand a bit too well
That good intentions and vacillations pave the road that leads to hell

It is not that I don’t see the love you feel deep within your heart
Rather that I see the provocations when you and I have been apart

It is not that I am insecure or think myself less than another
But I’ve lived long enough to see what unhappiness can surely smother

It is not that I am beyond comprehending the situation
More like I have seen the silent killer called temptation

It is not that I am blind to you being in demand
I see the value within yourself that you don’t yet understand

Not trying to turn you into something that you do not want to be
Just working with the secret wishes that you have whispered to me

And yet, I see resistance in your actions if not in your voice
Don’t ever want you to feel as if you never had a choice

I also see a secret thought in the blankness of your stare
I am familiar with its figure even though you will not share

It is the silhouette of thoughts being shared by another mind
Who is unhappy and subjective and at times a bit unkind

The seed of doubt being cultivated in the echoes of your thought
Killing all the flowers in your garden after all that you have fought

The trembling hand of negativity creeping in to do its deed
The souls too jealous to admit it and you too blind to see the greed

Upset that another has your ear and can affect the man I know
Not understanding why you’ve allowed this chasm between us to grow

Thought it was us, just you and me fighting the fight and always living
Fear now fills my heart as I take a look at what I’ve been giving…

My heart without expectation other than it be loved and cared
For the first time in a while, I do believe I’m truly scared

So I fight to keep the dream alive as all this slowly unfurled
Questioning now if you believe that it is us against the world

It is not that I wish to leave this soul I always knew I’d find
Just unsure if my love’s enough to be the only in his mind

© 2009

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