Thursday, December 4, 2008


(trying to recreate my previous blog so I'm just moving the poems from there to here, hope it's not too confusing...)
October '07

I waited for flowers

On the first day of spring

When I didn’t hear the words

After I thought you felt this thing

But none came

I waited for flowers

After the painful heart break

After the crying and the apology

When I thought this was at stake

But none came

I waited for flowers

As a congratulation

Hoped for a hug to go with it

Along with the infatuation

But none came

I waited for flowers

To prove to me a revelation

That things would change

That you’d renewed your dedication

But none came

The hope is now gone

Strangled forever from my eyes

Waited for things never to come

Looked for the truth in a bed of lies

I wait for flowers now

Arms folded, silent and brave

Perhaps now you will send them

To sit atop my fresh grave

© 2007

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