Thursday, December 4, 2008


(trying to recreate my previous blog so I'm just moving the poems from there to here, hope it's not too confusing...)
June '08

Sitting and waiting for something to be said. Patience with time. Patience has fled. Said you no longer care one way or the other if I’m angry and mad, with you or another. Said you weren’t concerned with the time in between where I’d think and ponder just where you have been. The more time that passes the bigger the crime. And I’m being punished for dropping the dime.

The clock ticks away slivers of my heart the more time I wait, the more time apart. No care to be had, in your own little world not knowing the consequence that slowly unfurled. The pain a bit sharper, the beats louder still. The knife in the wound being turned for the kill. The time passes by as more words are dissected and more questions arise from new lies detected. No worries at the moment since your secrets won’t tell. Go on with the silence while I sit here in hell.

© 2008

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