Thursday, December 4, 2008

Silent Betrayal

(trying to recreate my previous blog so I'm just moving the poems from there to here, hope it's not too confusing...)
November '07

It seems as if this was inevitable though I never thought it would come. Never gave any credence to your reputation after the “getting to know you” was done. Didn’t think it would end this quietly with your silence ringing loud and true. Thought you’d be a bigger person and tell me the truth in you. Sitting here wondering if all of the feelings were a lie. If the way I made you feel really meant this wouldn’t die. Saddened by the lack of words, the inaction and the despair. Sleepless nights, drowned in sorrow while trying to come up for air. Lifted you when you were down, loved you carelessly in spite of it all. I am to blame for giving blindly, taking the leap and causing the fall. Hollow heart, empty veins, dried up tears as I reach the end. Hard to believe you broke your promise to be truthful to your friend.

© 2007

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