Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Good Girl Gone Bad

Understanding what’s been done
Analyzing what’s taken place
Thinking of the good I’ve done
And the lies written on their face

Good girls lose a lot in life
Always doing what seems right
Bad girls get what good girls want
Even when they put up a fight

What’s the reward of being good
Lies, betrayals and make believe
Bad girls don’t care but still they get
What the good girls are willing to give

Living for themselves and no one else
Seems like a life that’s better than this
Tired of acting the way that’s expected
When the return is hit and miss

It may be that what I’m saying
Is misunderstood and considered sad
I’m just aware that being good
Don’t pay as well as being bad

© 2008

1 comment:

Liberty said...

I did tell you this is my favorite poem, right? Let me know what name you want me to put on it (Trinity or Sili) because I am so going to print it up and frame it...not sure where it will hang